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How sticky rice cake (bánh chưng) becomes an iconic symbol of New Year Day in Vietnam 0

The glutinous rice cake is a common rustic food of Vietnam, especially during the New Year holiday. Let’s discover how Banh Chung becomes an icon of such an occasion. Banh Chung, or sticky rice cake, is one of the wonders of Asian cuisine presented in Vietnam. People may love

“Lì xì” (Lucky Money) – a cherished custom in traditional Tet holiday 0

Tet holiday is not only a traditional culture of Vietnamese people but also the biggest holiday in the year of Vietnamese. Also known as the new-year holiday, Tet is associated with a variety of traditions and customs, including giving and receiving “lì xì” (or lucky money), which is one


Vietnam is one of seven countries celebrating the Lunar New Year Holiday. Year after year, the Tet celebration has changed significantly, so are there any interesting things on the Tet holiday? Nowadays, the Tet holiday is not only days off but also has a variety of more true facts

Cheap shopping at An Dong Market – Plenty of things to buy in Vietnam 0

As long as you really enjoy to pick your way through quiet narrow aisles and scan through the extensive amount of goods, An Dong Market is a nice place for you to explore. History of An Dong Market An Dong Market is one of the biggest market in Vietnam

Egg Coffee – a taste of elegance and where to find it in Saigon 0

Coffee shop is everywhere in Vietnam. It is an undoubted fact that this city is really crazy about coffee. French colonists initially introduced coffee to Vietnam, but the Vietnamese have perfectly made it their own with the signature Egg Coffee. Yes! I know it might seem there is no


Women of Vietnam have two holidays to celebrate – Mother’s Day, coinciding with International Women’s Day and Vietnamese Women’s Day. The latter, that falls on October 20 every year, has a significant importance for the Vietnamese women. On October 20, 1930 the women of Vietnam united against imperialism and

Food on Wheels – Saigon street food 0

When in Saigon one may very likely to find a food cart on the street, apart from a numerous amount of street food stores and small restaurants. It is like the typical image of this beautiful and thriving city. Food on carts vary, from tropical fruit to the worldwide-famous


Scooters/Traffic Scooters are nothing special, they are everywhere on this planet. BUT scooters in Vietnam are a pretty big deal. We have around 90 million people in the country and guess what, nearly each of them owns a motorbike (excluding children and elders). Coming to Vietnam, you will see

The Authentic Taste Of Saigon 0

Just imagine going to a whole different country, meeting the young and dynamic local people that are willing to take you to explore the best traditional food that you will never find on the Internet. What can possibly be more fun? 😉 Riding scooters, Eating vendors 6.45am, Tran Thi