Reasons To Fall In Love With Saigon (Part One) 0

Saigon or Ho Chi Minh City is the biggest city of Vietnam. Saigon is lively and full of the friendliest of people. Saigon is rapidly growing. Saigon is vintage with all the old buidings and constructions from the last century. Saigon is beautiful with all of its colors of

The Evolution Of Phở (Pho) 0

For those who are passionate about food and culture, especially Vietnam’s, you must have known Pho already. For those who don’t know what Pho is, Pho is Vietnamese beef noodle soup, which is rich in flavor and mesmerizing in the smell. People always sing compliments for our traditional Pho

Savory Vietnamese Dishes – A Look Into The “Bun” Family (Part Two) 0

Following the last entry, us Saigon Food Tour is going to introduce you to more of the “Bun” family. But this time, these bowls of “Bun” will be more different and they are not so well-known by travellers as well. 3. Bún thịt nướng ( Chargrilled pork patties with herbs vermicelli )

Savory Vietnamese Dishes – A Look Into The “Bun” Family (Part One) 0

I was sitting by the vendor that late Tuesday night, enjoying every single drop of the broth from my favorite “Bun Rieu” and thinking why do foreigners only know about “Pho”, “Banh Mi”, etc. when it comes to Vietnamese cuisine? Because there are more to what Viets eat, there are

The Taste of Vietnam with Saigon Food Tour 0

As the rain started to pour down in Saigon, exotic smells evaporated from the worn cement roads.  It was over 100 degrees out and we were constantly pulling our clothes from our skin.  The locals protected themselves with plastic coverings and the street venders started closing up shop as the


Have you ever wondered that how a day of Vietnamese is like? A fashionista may ask: “What do you wear?” A wanderlust may raise a question: “Where do you go?” But a food lover may wonder: “What do you eat?” And here, today, I, a Saigonese and a food


1.History and celebration of the Vietnamese Mid-Autumn Festival. The Mid-Autumn Festival which is knowns as “Tet Trung Thu” in Vietnam is one of the biggest holidays in our country and it traditionally held on the 15th day of the 8th Lunar Month. This year, the date of the Mid-Autumn


So I finally find a Food Heaven on Earth, which people called Saigon Food Festival. That’s a interesting story and now I happily share with you about it. Throw back to last weekend, on September 13th, 2015; when I just accidentally passed across 23/9 park in District 1 on

Saigon Mid-Autumn Fest – Be completed with moon cakes 0

If you ever take part in Autumn Festival in Japan or China, you will not miss the chance to experience the differences and uniqueness in the festival of Vietnam. If you did not get the chance to be in that special event, the up-coming festival is for you. Mid-Autumn

Saigon food – Explore the foodie heaven (Part 2) 0

Saigon food #6: Bot chien Bot chien is a simple street dish from China, penetrating to Vietnam very long time ago. And years by years, the Vietnamese Chinese has turned it into local version but it is not much different from the original version. In Singapore and Malaysia, Bot