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Saigon Food Tour x Hoozing Promotion

Saigon Food Tour and Hoozing (Best Long-term rental service for Expats in Ho Chi Minh city) would like to give a special offer to the customers who taking tour with us. We hope that our cooperation program will help you get an authentic experience of Saigon’s local life and Viet cuisine at extremely preferential prices when staying here.

How you can get the special offer?


Customers of Saigon Food Tour will receive an unprecedented Discount Voucher of up to 20% for renting the apartments at Hoozing from 1/1/2020 to 06/30/2020:

📌 From  6 to 11 months contract: discount 10%

📌 From 12 month contract: discount 20%

The special offer will be valid until June 30, 2020.

This promotion cannot be combined with other discounts at Hoozing.

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Hoozing was born with the mission of bringing transparent data to the market and make the transactional experience hassle – free. They invest in technology that helps to consolidate and verify the market data. Their teams provide guidance to navigate customers through the process in the easiest way possible. They keep providing new practical technology products that move the market forward, one step at a time. And eventually, everyone will be sure that they make the right decisions and have a satisfactory experience in buying, selling, leasing and managing their properties. 


Apartment in Vinhomes Central Park – one of apartments in Hoozing’s system


Consultancy on sale and leasing of real estate

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Hoozing Experts Team


What you can get from Hoozing team? 

  • Transparency

Properties information is always updated and provide clear process to ensure the rights of all parties involved.

  • Market understanding 

Possessing the technology platform with information of 50,000+ Luxury apartments in Ho Chi Minh City, Hoozing meets the market needs in a fast and accurate way.

  • Professional service

Experienced team of experts in the international environment have satisfied 7,000+ high-end customers from many different countries, ready to support 24/7.

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