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1.History and celebration of the Vietnamese Mid-Autumn Festival. The Mid-Autumn Festival which is knowns as “Tet Trung Thu” in Vietnam is one of the biggest holidays in our country and it traditionally held on the 15th day of the 8th Lunar Month. This year, the date of the Mid-Autumn


So I finally find a Food Heaven on Earth, which people called Saigon Food Festival. That’s a interesting story and now I happily share with you about it. Throw back to last weekend, on September 13th, 2015; when I just accidentally passed across 23/9 park in District 1 on

Saigon Mid-Autumn Fest – Be completed with moon cakes 0

If you ever take part in Autumn Festival in Japan or China, you will not miss the chance to experience the differences and uniqueness in the festival of Vietnam. If you did not get the chance to be in that special event, the up-coming festival is for you. Mid-Autumn

Saigon food – Explore the foodie heaven (Part 2) 0

Saigon food #6: Bot chien Bot chien is a simple street dish from China, penetrating to Vietnam very long time ago. And years by years, the Vietnamese Chinese has turned it into local version but it is not much different from the original version. In Singapore and Malaysia, Bot

Saigon Food – Explore the foodie heaven (Part 1) 0

This will exceed what we know about insanity! Being told that I have to introduce Saigon food to foreigners, I literally feel clueless since I have no idea where to start. We have hundreds of different types of food and drink here and we even have not tried them

Food Touring – taking the tast buds for a stroll 0

So there it was… Time to pig out in style. When I heard about this little Saturday outing, as a total street food fan, I just could not resist and tagged along. I briefly knew what to expect, and had an idea of what I would discover/rediscover, and from

Taking the taste buds for a stroll – Part Deux- 0

After the great success of the last food tour inauguration, it was time to take things to the next level, and go check out the new circuit that was put in place about a month ago over here. Just as last time, we started off by the well know