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We have been growing and evolving over the last one year. We founded Saigon Food Tour in Jan 2014, a child of Footsteps Indochina Travel. We are new but we rapidly receive many supports and love from our customers, our authentic local food vendors we know, and our lovely talented guides. Our aim is to help you experience truly local food and Saigonese life. Along the journey, we will help you get closer to the local and learn about our eating customs, our traditions.

Besides, we are about to launch "One tour for one meal" charity program that support to poor people. The bigger the number of people going on the tour, the more meals the poor are going to have. Of course, by the time we do the charity (around November), we would love to have you give us a hand! 

We have not reached our vision yet and it is going to be a long tough ride. But it has truly been a pleasure for everyone here at Saigon Food Tour to show you why we are so in love with Vietnam, especially Vietnam food. We hope to continue with what could possibly be described as the best “job” on the planet for many years to come.


To take you on the back of the bikes and give you the safest experience. We guarantee to keep you safe and sound the whole tour with our skillful and experienced drivers.


To get you a personal English speaking guide, who was well trained and selected by many criterias. The tour will be filled with our friendly, knowledgable and funny staffs.


To deliver our great qualities along with our outstanding service to all the customers that other business provided.


To fulfill our customers' stomach with a unique authentic local taste and understanding of Saigon cuisine and its customs. Starve yourself before the tour!

TB Xuan Thinh
Sales & Operation

TB has joined the tour guide team for 1 year and a half and he quickly got into the company, where he is the Saigon Food Tour Operator at the moment. Most of the bookings and serving requests have been done by him with his wonderful skills and sensational abilities. So don't hesitate to ask him for any assisstance as he will give you his best shot on advice.

Quynh Anh
Ngoc Thinh
Kim Thoa
Phu Bao